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Education is essential when it comes to financial planning!  On a monthly basis, we answer questions regarding financial planning and investment strategies in video format.  One of the benefits of this series is that it gives individuals answers to questions that they didn’t even think to ask.  These videos are available on demand here, on our website, and on Ryan's YouTube channel.  You can also submit a question at the bottom of the page that we may cover in a future video!

August 2020 QOM – Money for College Series, Part 1

July 2020 QOM – Check In

June 2020 QOM – Check In

May 2020 QOM – Roth Conversion Strategy

April 2020 QOM – CARES Act Part 1 – Individual

April 2020 QOM – CARES Act Part 2– Business

January 2020 QOM – What is the SECURE Act and how will it affect me?

December 2019 QOM – Owning an Annuity in an IRA

November 2019 QOM – Is Group Life Insurance Enough?

October 2019 QOM – What is a Cash Balance Defined Benefit Plan

August 2019 QOM – How Much Does Medicare Cost?

July 2019 QOM – How is My Debt Handled at Death

June 2019 QOM – How Much Can I Contribute to a 401(k) AND an IRA

May 2019 QOM – How Often to Review Your Estate Plan

April 2019 Question of the Month – How Much Do I Need to Retire?

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